Pixel Fractional Laser with RF

Accent laser Machine

Accent laser Machine

Pixel Fractional with Radio Frequency Technology for the removal of Stretch Marks, Wrinkles, Age Spots, Scarring & Sun Damage

Prices from £100.00

A full consultation is required prior to treatment.

What is Pixel Fractional Laser with RF?

Pixel Fractional Laser with Radio Frequency has both a roller and stationary tip, with small pyramid shaped metal pins using Fractional Micro Plasma Radio Frequency Technology.

When the roller or tip come in to contact with the skin’s surface, microscopic sparks of electro magnetic radio frequency energy pass between the pins and the skin, these spark which oblate and perforate the skin causing microscopic wounds like a pepper pot on the skins surface.

This latest technology replaces the traditional CO2 laser which provides excellent resolution of DEEP WRINKLES and scars, but unfortunately, also entails an extended amount of downtime. As CO2 lasers ablate the outer layer of skin, the face basically becomes an open wound, and weeks of healing are required. That is why we chose the PIXEL RF for the same amazing results but much less down time.

What does the Impact Radio Frequency do?

The Pixel Fractional Laser causes microscopic wounds requiring topical active ingredients to be impacted in to the perforated skin, this is done using the IMPACT ultra sound sonotrode module that emits acoustic waves and air pressure to create channels in the skin to gently push the active ingredients deep in to the sub-epidermal layers.